Theresa Ducharme

Theresa Ducharme worked for the Native Women’s Association of Canada as part of the original Sisters in Spirit, an initiative that raised awareness and addressed the issue of violence perpetrated against Aboriginal women because of their gender and Aboriginal identity. As their Community Development Coordinator, she worked tirelessly to shine a light on the systemic racism and sexual and physical violence experienced by Aboriginal women, while breathing life and humanity back into the stories of those who had gone missing or were murdered, ensuring they were remembered as more than just a statistic.

It was during her time at NWAC that she decided to offer a fitness class to her colleagues during their lunch hour as a way to help mitigate the stress, burnout and ill health stemming from their work. She approached these lunch hour sessions through a mind, body and spirit perspective. The result of this offering, was that her colleagues felt stronger and healthier, morale improved, and they were better able to problem solve; it also created a new mission in Ducharme’s life. Today, she is the CEO/Founder of Lemon Cree Fitness and Wellness programs. Lemon Cree teaches people how to exercise, shop for healthy food and cook wholesome meals. She regularly brings her knowledge and expertise to remote First Nations and is expanding her service in northern Ontario.

Earlier in her career, she traveled the world performing with and choreographing dance and drumming groups at world music festivals and world expos. In addition to forming her own native dance troupe who traveled along with her, she opened up one of the first Native modeling agencies in the 1980s, bringing her 20 years experience as an International fashion model. Currently she resides in Toronto, Ontario.

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