Jonathon Barbato

Jonathon Barbato, is a leading expert in the area of monetizing entertainment and video content online, on cable and on television. Barbato has worked over 25 years in television and digital media, with diverse experience from running the marketing division for a major studio (MGMtv) and for a major cable network (Starz!) to being a founding partner in two successful Internet media companies (RipeTV and Apricot Corp).

As President and Founder of Apricot Corp, Barbato has played a key role in advising major entertainment brands in monetizing the VOD and Digital space (including Fuel, G4, OutdoorChannel, Movieline, OnCars, Lifetime, Havoc, MovieClips, Rentrak, and many more). Apricot has driven as many as 250 million video views online through a combination of SEM/paid advertising, social media optimization and visitor optimization – which has doubled some brand’s organic audiences. Apricot has also worked with multiple companies to bring their social media engagement up from 6-10% to 35-50% engagement, increasing brand loyalty and click-thrus to sites and offers. He has also been directly involved in launching several networks on Over-The-Top platforms, including Xbox, Roku and PS3.

Barbato was one of the founders of Ripe Digital Entertainment (Ripe), which raised over $45 million in Angel funding thru Series B funding and generated revenues close to $15 million in 4 years. Barbato was responsible for content acquisition of over 1500 hours, distribution into 40 million cable homes and establishing an online audience of 10 million unique visitors per month on 3 networks. At Ripetv, Octanetv and Barbato developed forty different agreements covering $2 million.

Prior to this, Barbato was Head of Marketing for Starz Movie Channel responsible for a $30 million consumer marketing budget to promote Starz Movie Channel’s 7 networks in cable leading a team of forty-five employees. Barbato also launched Starz on Demand, gaining expertise in this area. Before Starz, as Head of Marketing for MGM TV, Barbato launched the first website for a major Studio in 1995 and launched 7 new first-run syndicated series. He was Founder of ScreenFriends, where Barbato assisted in raising over $2 million in angel financing. Prior to these positions Barbato was VP of Marketing at Genesis Entertainment, Senior Director for Sony International TV, and Director of Warner Bros. Int’l TV. He has been responsible for the trade and consumer marketing of brands such as: RipeTV; OctaneTV; Starz On Demand; Outer Limits; LAPD; Poltergeist; Stargate; Mad About You (Int’lly); Seinfeld (Int’lly); Dallas (Int’lly); Married With Children (Int’lly); and literally hundreds of others.

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