Ingrid Poupart

Ingrid Poupart is a long time educator, having worked in Montreal’s public school system for 25 years. During that time, she noticed that many children needed extra help, so she implemented a highly successful tutoring program, which was affordable and accessible to all. It became obvious to her that, while tutoring was greatly beneficial, there were many children with needs that could not be met merely by tutoring. They required something more.

In 2000, Ingrid founded and introduced the Stepping Up program offering remedial education workshops. Other elementary schools began to ask for the program. The demand was so great that Ingrid opened the “Stepping Up Resource Centre”, which offered remedial training workshops, tutoring, and various intervention programs. As the mother of a dyslexic child, Ingrid naturally related to the parents and the children who struggled with reading and other learning difficulties.

In 2009, she was introduced to the Cellfield program by a colleague, an occupational therapist and founder of “A Total Approach” located in Pennsylvania. Ingrid made the trip to Philadelphia, marveled at the students’ successes, and pursued a license to operate the program in Montreal. The Cellfield program has proven to be very successful, and encouraged by the outstanding results achieved by the students at her Montreal centre. In her spare time she spreads the word that there is no shame in being dyslexic!

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