Glenda has cerebral palsy. A lack of oxygen at birth meant she would not be able to walk, her hands would not function well and her speech would be almost impossible to understand. Her parents were advised to institutionalize her. She wouldn’t amount to anything, the experts said.

Yet, this gutsy redhead proved them wrong. Glenda was integrated into a regular classroom long before mainstream was a buzzword. She went on to earn the Canada Cord, the highest award in Girl Guides, and the Outstanding Junior Student Award. The girl who could not walk won a gold medal in horseback riding!

Is fear holding you back from striving for your potential and living your life more fully? By sharing her terrifying yet exhilarating experience zip lining high above a downtown city block, Glenda demonstrates how to face your fear head on and going beyond to live a more fulfilling life. The goal is not to get you on a zip line (unless that’s you’re dying-to-but-terrified-of thing), but rather that the next time you are wavering on the edge of an opportunity, you boldly go for it!

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