Casey Rae

Casey Rae is Washington, D.C.-based music industry leader with a focus on technology, new business models, cultural policy and the transformative impact of innovation on artists and entrepreneurs. He is devoted to making the digital marketplace work better for creators and fans. Casey’s talks center on the economics of cultural production, access to audiences, and why creativity and innovation go hand-in-hand.

Casey is CEO of the Future of Music Coalition (FMC), a national creator’s non-profit that examines issues at the intersection of copyright, technology, public policy and law. In this role, he engages with multiple constituencies—including creators, policymakers, trade industry associations, academics, media and the public—about complex issues in the evolving legal, technological and economic landscape for music. Casey has written hundreds of articles on music and technology for lay audiences and in academic journals, and has testified before the United States Congress on music and technology issues.

He is a professor in Georgetown University’s Communications Culture and Technology graduate school, where he teaches a course on the creative industries and disruption. In addition, he is Board President of the National Alliance of Media Arts and Culture—a forward-looking membership organization helping to establish sustainable, technology-savvy 21st-century cultural communities.

Casey’s experience covers tremendous ground within the creative and innovation sectors—from artist rights to technology policy to market analysis. His public talks and presentations combine wit, humor, passion and deep expertise that is both inspirational and informative.

He is first-call with major media outlets on music industry issues, and has appeared in NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, Politico, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone, L.A. Times, GigaOM,SPIN, Pitchfork, Wired, Ars Technica, Gizmodo, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Sun-Times, Baltimore Sun, CQ, SF Weekly, RSTV, CBC, SIRIUS/XM, Free Speech TV, Pacifica Radio and countless others. He has also written opinion pieces for New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Billboard, American Songwriter, International Musician, The Hill, Seattle Times and other outlets. He regularly presents at major conferences across the country, including CMJ, SXSW, Canadian Music Week, World Copyright Summit, Congressional Internet Caucus, American Community Media, Independent Documentary Association, Digital Content Forum East, Consumer Electronics Showcase and more.

In addition to his own course at Georgetown University, Casey is a regular lecturer at Berklee School of Music, NYU Law, Harvard Law, American University Washington College of Law, Howard University Law School and many other colleges and universities.

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